Flood premiums in Orp-Jauche

  Orp-Jauche Hélène GUION: 019/63.02.13, helene.guion@orp-jauche.be

The municipality of Orp-Jauche wishes to encourage all residents of Orp-Jauche who have been victims of floods at least once to take measures to reduce the damage caused by the floods. A municipal bonus promoting the implementation of sustainable water intrusion prevention measures has been available to the inhabitants of Orp-Jauche since 2012. The amount of the bonus is 60% of the work carried out or equipment installed, with a maximum ceiling of €500 per building for a period of 10 years. The works that may be more specifically subsidised are as follows: all flood prevention works such as masonry works, draining, installation of temporary barriers, etc., which make it possible to mitigate the effects of the disaster in a global and definitive manner. Since 2012, about thirty bonuses have been awarded.


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