Requirement for rainwater collection tank

  Lincent Service Environnement: 019/63.02.58

As part of the PLUIES plan (Prevention and Protection against Floods and their Effects on Disaster Victims) adopted by the Municipal Council on 16 March 2012, one of the measures adopted concerns urban planning and requires the impact of rainwater discharges from new construction on the drainage network to be reduced. This obligation is the subject of a PLUIES regulation which stipulates that any new construction must be equipped with a rainwater tank with a capacity of 10,000 litres with a 5,000 litre nozzle whose diameter will be a maximum of 5 cm. In place since 2012, the experiment has been successful, but it is planned “in the future” to link the tank capacity to the roof surface (e. g. when building a hangar, the tank capacity could be increased).


  • Flooding