Tracking Invasive Alien Species – TrIAS

  Belgium Belgian Biodiversity Platform

Decision makers need a solid scientific basis to guide them on how to minimize the risks and impacts of invasive species. They must not only address issues related to the current impact of invasive species today, but also anticipate their impact in the future. They must design proactive, adaptable and proportionate policies that take into account the possible effects of climate change on the dynamics and impacts of these species.

To this end, TrIAS project is developing a risk assessment process based on risk modelling and mapping, taking into account different future climate scenarios. It makes it possible to identify emerging species and assess the risk that these exotic species pose to Belgium today and from a climate change perspective.


  • Belgian Biodiversity platform
  • Botanical Garden Meise
  • INBO
  • UGent
  • Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium
  • DEMNA – Service Public de Wallonie
  • RMI
  • ILVO
  • VITO
  • VLIZ
  • Sciensano
  • GxABT – Liège
  • UCLouvain
  • Natagora
  • Natuurpunt Study
  • GBIF

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  • Drought
  • Extreme temperature